Kelly Jean – Bakersfield, California California


This girl is gross. I had a baby this year March 2016 with my bf of 3 years. We had a good relationship until this. I didn’t care if he had friends who were girls. He had a lot, but I was okay with it and I knew a lot of them. I trusted him and I was not the type of girl to go through my bf’s texts. But after a few months of him being up all night on his phone ignoring me and our baby and being distant, then a couple of nights he came home super late, I started looking at his phone when he went to sleep. I found texts in April that went back until January. She knew he had a gf and a new baby. She would ask him how his baby was and if I knew they talked and how he shouldn’t tell me because then I would suspect something, so he told her he wouldn’t say anything to me. She would call him and text him saying how she wants to meet up with him after she gets off work. They met up. So, I after reading the texts I woke him up and asked him and he said she was just an easy fling and it was nothing. He wanted to make things work but no. I am not with my bf anymore because of his actions. He said it was only a few times but that is gross. I found out the number she had was from a messaging app and it was not her real phone number. I text her on the app asking her why she did it even though she had a family too and she told me to “F OFF”. so I looked her up on facebook and it said she is married with kids. I sent her husband the texts on facebook and he was not happy. I think he left her. I came across this website and thought I would let others know about her.

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