Ken Whittaker – Schenectady, New York Men


So this guy my friend and I met last summer. He has all this money. I wasnt to sure what was going on with him. He seemed like he was actually in a band. Was telling my friend he was in town for the weekend for a couple of shows. She was head over heels about him. He asked her numerous times to go back to his room with him. They made out for a little while he bought her drinks I kept telling her let’s go. She was tipsy kept saying you only live once and he’s so hot. Forward to the next morning (4 am to be exact as video footage of a certain place could show) she calls me up asks if I can come get her. I pick her up she looks horrible. I ask her if she is alright. Her response was I think so. I let it go thinking she is ashamed maybe as my friend is married and has never been with anyone but her husband til this guy. Forward a few weeks I see her again with this guy. I call her asks her what are you doing. Says he’s back in town came just to see her made special trip. This point I’m like no. This ain’t right. Being her friend and all let her do what she has to do with him. Then he dissappears doesn’t answer his phone messenger nothing for her. Forward a few weeks my friend is sick like really sick her husband is back home from being out of town we will say. He’s really worried about her takes her to hospital cause shes got high fever shakes chills cant keep anything down. She was like this shortly after meeting this guy too thought nothing of it. Urgent care told her just a stomach bug go home rest. Hospital admits her cause she needs fluids. I go to see her. She tells me she has sores down there she cant tell her husband she starts crying saying it’s from that guy what did I do. I asks her did you tell anyone else bout this. She said no. A couple days after being with ken she noticed blisters down there and itching but thought it was from rough sex. Alot of sex. She was upset with him met him again he said he was clean been tested before maybe it’s just a woman thing. I told my friend you need to be tested then I said did you use covers. She said I asked him if he had any he said dont you trust me? Anyway goes home on script for infection. Few more weeks go by calls me at work crying again shes in pain alot of pain. Take her to urgent care as her husband is out of town again. Tell her to tell them what has been going on since summer and she does. I left her so they could exam her lady parts. She comes out barely able to walk trying not to break down. Gave her a scripts that cost $389 and will call with final results. She now has herpes due to this guy. Going through divorce as well cause she told her husband knowing he has to be tested for his job. This guy ruined her. He’s a POS.

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