Kena Suzanne Zimmerman – Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wisconsin


Kena Zimmerman is obsessed with a married man. She has tried and tried again to destroy his relationship with his wife, to no avail. She is desperate enough to ask this man to love her the same way that he loves his wife. She has no remorse for her actions. She envisions her life playing house woth this man and his children-buying his children clothes, giving AWFUL parenting advice, and trying to push their mother aside. She has sent him disgusting messages referencing: her “vagina,” fisting, butt-sex, and many other nasty things. To this day, she is still trying to meddle in his life and in his marriage. She has contacted the wife and left drunken messages about how she loves her husband, she has done nothing wrong, and she is good to him. (She being Kena). Kena tells people that the wife is obsessed with her; however, Kena’s actions and behavior prove otherwise. Do not trust this woman!!! She needs help!!! Her actions hurt many people, and she is too delusional to see that her lifestyle is destructive to not only others, but also herself. If Kena does not get whst she wants, she calls her sister to threaten anyone stsnding in her way. It is sad that Kena does not seem to have anyone that can steer her in the right direction. In the end, Kena has no second thoughts or remorse for trying to destroy other people’s lives. She does not see her actions as being wrong. Please beware of her.

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