Kenny Whittaker – Albany, New York Men


This bad boy “good” father is more of a gigilo if anything. He is 51 yrs old not 36-40. An avid achololic and drug abuser who has recently gifted one of my good friends with Hsv 2 and chlamydia. He is the father of 2 grown children and a younger child whom is under supervised visits due to drug abuse. (All facts public record) He preys on married women who’s husbands are nonconfrontational. Sends them naked pics after sweet talking them. His family protects him and his behaviors. He still lives with his mother in a trailer while she pays all the bills. The woman is 77 years old and she pays all the bills. LADIES BEWARE! It’s your health. My friend is waiting for her results as he is known to shoot heroin between his toes. He has been divorced twice due to his infidelities drug abuse and alcoholism.

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