Complaint: Kent Construction Kochi Kerala – They ripped me off!! I bought an apartment in their new project near info park, kakkanad, kochi. Paid they money whenever they asked. When I went their to see the construction progress, there was no working elevator and I couldn’t climb the 12 floors to see the apartment. They told me a similar apartment is finished and I can see their MODEL apartment. Of course the MODEL apartment was finished and was in perfect shape. Nicely painted, good floor tiles, open kitchen etc. We liked and apartment and the sales agent said we will get the exact apartment in 12th floor. We used to get something called a ‘progress report’ once in a while and those emails were waste. There wasn’t given any specification about the apartment. A few outside pictures were attached with those emails. We went to see the progress of the apartment last month and to our surprise, the MODEL apartment and the real apartment what we are getting are TWO DIFFERENT ITEMS. It was like showing the younger sister and marrying the older one. I told them I wanted my apartment look like the model apartment. Then they say the model apartment uses all high quality items like floor tiles, bathroom tiles, fitting, kitchen cabinets etc. I told them I can understand that part. Atleast keep my kitchen OPEN as the model flat and please do not lay your DIRTY LOOKING ‘standard’ tile. Even if my apartment is NOT finished, they were NOT willing to make any changes. They do not care about the customer satisfaction. Now I got a dingy apartment with ugly tiles and a dark kitchen. They advised me to make all changes MYSELF once I get my apartment keys. Stay away from these people. Not worth doing business with these people. They will RIP YOU OFF !!

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Address: kochi, Select State/Province India



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