Kerns and Associates Review


I really hate to have to do this but I feel it’s a must. SAVE YOUR TIME AND YOUR MONEY!!! Jeannie is full of excuses and lies. She comes across as if she cares but all she cares about is geting your hard earned money and then she disappears. She always claims she has problems with her email but I doubt that seriously. She’s just a crook and she only responds when you say something in an email that she don’t agree with. It’s mighty funny how she can get that but nothing else. I have been super kind to this woman and have waited patiently for things I have paid for for weeks in advance just to still have nothing. I ignored all of the things I heard on the internet about her and took a chance on her anyway just to see that EVERYHTING said about her is TRUE. This woman is not nice. She is a theif and a liar. She got more excuses than a man going to jail. She slow, always behind, and something in her life is never right. EXCUSES, EXCUSES, EXCUSES… Tired of them and her. Save yourself because she going to have an excuse as to why I left this comment. If she spent more time doing her work rather than trying to rebuttal maybe she could get something done. One thing I do know is Jeannie Kerns is a joke that’s not worth your time or money. .

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