Kerri Sullivan – San Pedro, California California


So when I first met her she came to our motel room with a guy who she was f##king 2 days later my man and I get in a fight and what do u know he f##ks her. When I confronted her she says. ” I know I was wrong it won’t happen again I was vurnabble. ” so 4 to 5 months later he goes to california and she’s f##king him again. He text me. ” i would have been back already but your doing your own thing” so I put his sh#t on facebook and now he never wants to see me again and that’s his new girl. Mind u he took all our money and were in the middle of a cps case…. I pick up another job so i can recover and pay all the bills and show the courts stability.( I totalled my car from being exausted from working graveyard and doing classes in the day….while his mommy makes his car payment and insurance for him and now have no transpo I now have unsupervised visits but my son constantly says he misses his daddy and wishes he would come back….this broad is so low and she thinks shes sonething special

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