Kerry’s Car Care


Went in to kerrys off a flyer, decent price for a full syn oil change 49.95. Next thing I know I am being told a laudry list of items wrond with my car, bad mouthed dealership that during my last oil change and service everything was good. Tried to sell me flushes that had done only 6 months ago, told I needed brakes, just done as well. Then told my radiator hoses were going to fail, causing me to be stranded!!!! | My vehicle is in great condition, estimate of over 3G for services that I needed. Then the best part, I ask what are the 149.00 in fees for, oh that is normal shop supplies, rags, oil, fluids, I say well you are charging me oil and fluids already???? Then wait for it, they say I have great warranty coverage 5 years are any part they replace????? I said so the fluids and flushes have a 5 year warranty, really, oh no no sorry only repairs. What , do these people realize what they are saying?? | I ask to speak with a manager, they can have some one call me, never happens. Be very careful, this place is predatory auto pressure sales, they are not locally owned either part of a giant group that all operate under a company from Georgia. Look up drivers auto and american service station all the same way, great warranties, honest repair. | Everything was great until I started asking questions. I would rather pay more for an oil change then waste my time at a Kerry’s auto store where they will only try to upsell from the minute you walk in. Should be called Kerry’s Scam Auto repair. | I cant believe they could stay in business and be charging customers so much for unneeded repairs and make it sound like your life could be altered if you don’t get your vehicle repaired. Stay away, far away

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