Kesey Sypher – Colorado Springs, Colorado Colorado


So this lovely home wrecker told me that the reason her and her husband for divorced was cause he was cheating on her… well hmmm funny that her stuff started showing up in my house when I wasn’t there. I sat down with her for 4 hours and she swore she wasn’t seeing my husband… then my husband quits coming home and texts me he’s divorcing me, he moved in with her!! So he was sleeping with both of us at the same time. || I ended up having a miscarriage and tried to kill myself and she used it to say horrible things to me and about me. She even wears my wedding ring!! And she loves to post things wearing my stuff or my husbands stuff that he had given to me and then took back like t-shirts that say army stuff on them that I wore our entire marriage!! Classy!! Then the day our divorce was final she posted a huge post on Facebook of him and her kissing about how in love they are!! Are you kidding me? || I still cry myself to sleep every night and the two of them are just off with her kids being a family and my ex husband hasn’t seen our daughter in 6 months because this home wrecker wants him to be her kids dad and not have anything to do with me or our daughter! She even helped him file the divorce papers!! Who willingly breaks up a family the same way that she just had her family broken up over!!?

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