Kevil Chevrolet Hackettstown New Jersey


Complaint: Ever since I bought my 2007 Chevy Cobalt SS at Kevil Chevrolet which by the way I paid $32,000 for I have had nothing but problems. Each time I brought the car back to the dealership I was told it was either driver error or they could find nothing wrong with it. The vehicle went through two sets of front tires within the first year and I was told I had to buy the tires through Kevil Chevrolet because of the low profile tire. This was false. I have $99 tires on the front of my car now that have lasted me almost 2 years. I brought my car in last month because the door locks were locking and unlocking all by themselves. I was charge $213 to replace the switch. Less than one month later I got locked in my car, unable to get out. I took the car to a dealer closer to my job and I was told it would cost another $207 to replace an automator. (whatever that is). I was told they could not understand why they would replace a switch when the automator was bad. I called Kevil Chevrolet and Mr. Popek response was, and I quote: “It worked when it left here didn’t it””. A door lock has now cost me $420. I was totally ripped off. From the moment I walked in the door and I still have another 4 years left to pay for this car.”

Tags: Auto Dealer Repairs

Address: 412 Route 46 West Budd Lake, New Jersey United States of America


Phone: 908-850-4000

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