Kevin Ahouma California


Complaint: His real name is Kevin Ahouma AKA ‘Shawny’ as he likes to call himself — apparently came from France and is into photography/filmHe likes to claim affiliation with various celebrities, brands and big names. Sounds familiar?If he ever approaches you about a business proposition or offering his services, ANYTHING involving money, just turn around and RUN!!!Do not give/invest/loan any of your money. He is a crook and a scammer who will not think twice about ripping you off.I have lost a lot of money, but you don’t have to. Do not become his next victim, Stay away from this devious and untrustworthy individual. You have been warned!

Tags: Business Investment Fraud, Business Opportunity Scam, Con Man/ Scam Artist ALERT, Fraudulent Money Activity, Internet Fraud, Investment Fraud

Address: United States



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