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Not Worth The Money, makes big claims

Kevin Grimes is the Chief Investment Officer and President of Grimes and Company. Grime and Company is a big financial advisory firm. However, it has a very deceitful and incomptent group of people. They make unreasonable promises regarding their suggested investments and deliver quite disappointing results. You shouldnít trust them. I have been working with Kevin Grimes and I have seen how he lies to their faces. Him and his staff make false claims about their suggested investments while knowing that their claims are false. I believe itís a very unethical practice and Kevin Grimes should stop scamming his clients like this. 

When a team of highly experienced financial experts make huge promises to you, youíd think they are telling the truth. After all, they are experts and they know what they are doing. But I recently came to the realization that the experts could be lying to you too. They donít necessarily have to tell you the truth. At Grimes and Company, the advisors give you jargon-stuffed advice which doesnít tell you anything. They stuff their recommendations with jargons and technical terms so it would be difficult for you to understand what they are saying. But the jargon would make you think that they know what they are talking about even when they donít. Kevin tends to do this a lot and itís really frustrating. My primary problems with Kevin and his staff are the following:

Unreasonable Promises

The biggest problem I have with Kevin Grimes is the claims he makes about his suggestions. He always goes overboard when he talks about the potential results of his suggested investments. His style of advising clients doesnít seem very ethical to me. FInancial advisors shouldnít act like that. They should be caring and sophisticated. Many of his claims seem too good to be true and I have learned through experience that they are actually too good to be true. 

His tactic of landing clients is very poor. Iím pretty sure many others would agree with me on this. Kevin makes false claims about the results his investments would deliver. But because he is so experienced and has so many credentials that it seems highly unlikely that he would be lying. He takes advantage of the financial illiteracy of his clients. I have realised this through my own experience of working with him. Thatís one of the main reasons why I chose to write this review. 

Jargon-Filled Suggestions

Itís a common quality of Kevin and his team. They would give you financial advice thatís filled with jargon and technical terms. I feel very puzzled during the meetings because his staff doesnít explain their suggested investments a lot. It makes meetings very difficult and I donít think financial advisors should act like this.

They should be clear and communicate their ideas properly. Itís not like I majored in finance in college so I would know the meaning behind most of the jargon they throw at me. Kevinís team is very insensitive towards their clientís needs. Itís visible in the way they share their suggestions.

This tendency of Grimes and Company makes it quite difficult for me to work with them. WIth them, you must invest your money without understanding why you must do so. I have tried to get explanations behind their suggestions but they donít explain that with clarity too. So, Iím left with no options but to make a leap of faith whenever I invest my money in one of their recommended assets or instruments. 

Terrible Results

The worst quality of Kevin Grimes and his team is the results they deliver. Even though they make huge claims about their expertise and experience, they donít deliver on those promises. They never accept their fault and make it seem as if you should be grateful for what you are getting. Itís almost as if they forget what kind of claims they had made earlier. 

Kevin Grimes and his team at Grimes and Company have many bad qualities. It would be best to avoid working with them because they make it very difficult for their clients to understand their suggestions.

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