Khaled Ibrahim Ali Mohamed


Liar Cheater Man

Khaled Ibrahim Ali Mohamed born in Cairo 06/12/59. Mother Salwa Youssef, father Ibrahim Ali Mohamed. Sons are Waleed Khaled and Hazem IbrahimKhaled Mohamed uses women to try to gain entry to Europe or America, Canada or Australia. He used his first wife Salwa Behery as a means of revenue, while fishing for women to have sexually in South Africa, South America (Surinam) etc where he was involved with a Dutch Guyanian drug runner In Triniad had sex with Indian women, sisters. He married, not legally, while still married to Salwa Behery and then divorced his first legal wife. Remarried his legal second wife, who is presently seeking a divorce from him because of emotional abuse as an internet sex pest. He also took large amounts of her money and tried to get her Italian nationality, and left her when he thought he had what he wanted. He is a leech on women, looking only for a passport out of Egypt and has tried this on many Western women, in fact, he is actually a woman hater underneath all the sex.Therefore, you have been warned of this internet sex fiend, as this man will ruin your life and your bank account. He has two houses in Bashtiel Cairo and Obour near Cairo.

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