Khandie Pettis – Sebastian, Florida Florida


So here’s my understanding of his tale or betrayal….. My husband and I were in a hard spot she was a nurse at the hospital he sometimes worked at. They became friends, she would tell him her sob story about how she hates her husband and her kids and he said that he was starting marriage counseling with me. So they became friends because they had hard marriages then her friend gave her the keys to her house that she only used a few months of the year and invited my husband over and he selfishly went. So she turned on a movie and put her head on his lap …. He went there three times. the first time I guess was making out the second time was oral sex acts the third time they had started the ACT of physical pleasure and they stopped in the middle to discuss how it would ruin their friendship and marriages. The affair in total was 7 months long. she wouldn’t leave him alone so her husband sent a Facebook message to me and then my husband told you why he did. She is 10 years older than him. she played on the fact that as nurse she knew that he was severely clinically depressed and she became his Savior and treated him like he was hers . She also tells her husband that she would come over to my house after dropping off their daughter at school and have sex in my bed. I think as a registered nurse she should be on review for abusing her medical knowledge to seduce a sick man. and her licence should be pulled . I know you don’t tell your friend to “work on his marriage” and” it sounds like your wife is really trying” and then send him dirty messages about how much you love kissing him and you’ll kiss him anytime he wants especially after your husband found out!!!!

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