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Complaint: My dealings with this dealership was only to be a co-signer. A family member went there to purchase a car and was advised if she had a co-signer, they could get her in a car. I provided the necessary information for the company to do its credit check. Following the completion of the credit check, the salesperson, Leonard Askew contacted me advising they could put the car in my name, not the family member’s name. To help a family member out, I agreed to getting the vehicle in my name. Because I live in a state which has no sales tax, Mr. Askew said he would use my permanent address, which is a Georgia address, as the address for the transaction. (He did not say this was why, but I gathered this was the reason, which was no problem for me because I do use a GA address as my permanent address and that’s where the car will be.) I advised Mr. Askew that I would need to know all of the financial information — sales price, taxes, monthly payment — before I would be able to sign the papers. He advised he’d get the information and get back with me. He did call back with the monthly payment. When I advised him I needed all numbers, he said I would need to speak with their finance guy, Wayne Robinson. I spoke with Wayne. He gave me the sales price, sales tax, rebate, etc. Initially they had worked up the numbers financing the car for six years. I advised that no car in my name will be financed for six years. He re-worked the numbers with five year financing, with a 5.7% APR. He transferred me back to Leonard Askew. I told Leonard we had a deal as long as the paperwork they sent to me had the identical information the Wayne had given me on it. He said okay. One week passed and I had not received the paperwork to sign to complete the transaction. Contact was made with Leonard and he advised that they were going to have to use my current address to complete the transaction. I said okay, so that means that you have to follow my states rules, no state tax. He said that was correct. Approximately one week later I received the paperwork showing an interest rate of 7.82% I contacted Leonard and advised that the contract they sent me was not what I agreed to. He said I would have to speak to Wayne, however, he was unavailable. Leonard and/or Wayne were to call me the next day. Neither did. When I called Leonard the day after they were suppose to call me, his excuse was that he had to leave work early that day and Wayne was suppose to call. When I did speak with Wayne, I advised that the information on the contract was not what we agreed upon. I advised that he had quoted me an interest rate of 5.7%. He stated he did not remember that. I advised him that I did because I wrote down everything when I spoke with him. He said the payment was what we agreed on. I advised the payment was the amount we agreed upon when the car was going to be financed using my permanent address, but now that they were having to use my current address, deducting the taxes should have reduced my payments. He told me somebody had to pay the taxes. I told him, not me. He said they were just trying to help me and my family member out, but she could just bring the car back. I advised he was right, she could. The next day, Leonard called and said they got somebody to finance the car cheaper for me and Wayne would give me the details. I spoke with Wayne and we agreed upon a 5.75% APR. At my request, we stepped through each line item on the contract to be assured that everything was as we both thought. During this process, he inadvertently (yeah, right) left off the cash that was paid toward the down payment. He said he didn’t know why he kept leaving that off. I resolved my own problem, but I wanted to let others know what they would have to deal with if they purchased a vehicle at KIA AutoSport of Albany, Inc. However, if anyone out there has names and addresses of others I should contact (to be assured that KIA AutoSport of Albany gets its just due), please let me know. Oh, there is one final thing. After over a month, they sent me the information to get the tag myself (after they assured me they would take care of it). A note from Kim Paros was attached indicating if I had questions, I should contact her. I called he the day I received the information, but she was gone for the Day. The person, Don, answering the phone, asked if he could help me. When I told him what I was calling for, he stated I did need to speak with Kim. I left a message for her to call me that day (October 1st) — left two numbers and both have voicemail — thus far (17 days later), I have not heard from her or anyone else at the dealership. Yolanda Hillsboro, Oregon Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on KIA

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Address: 406 A Sands Drive Albany, Georgia U.S.A.


Phone: 229-446-4777

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