Kiara Villacis – Chicago, Illinois Illinois


She likes to give blow jobs out in the car! Caught my boyfriend snapchatting her, seemed like nothing at first. Then one night we got into a pretty bad fight and his choice for the night was this person. Shortly after he complained because his dick was all itchy and red, it all makes sense now. Whatever she has, it comes with a price. She messed with someone who had a loving family, and she even took pictures with our family dog. Thank god- he wants nothing to do with her. She came on to him. Stay away from her, she’s a home wrecker! Not quite sure I’m forgiving my boyfriend but if he wants to keep me he’s got a lot of points to make up and his ass is getting a tighter leash moving forward. She convinced him to go to her apartment after that blow job, he’s a man couldn’t resist I guess. His penis was itchy for two weeks lmfao.

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