Kids Unlimited Preschool & Childcare Center


To make a long story short, the worker waited 30 minutes to text my phone after no response from the other number to tell me my child was very sick and throwing up (the worker who text wasn’t even present when the incident occured) she had a case of diarrhea. on two occasions June 14th and 16th the workers just threw all her clothing in a plastic bag with the unrinsed underwear and hung it on her coat hook, later all her clothes were permeated with the smell. and the underwear had to be tossed. They didn’t even attempt to rinse them out. A sign on the front door says these doors are locked during the day for your childs protection please ring bell or call for assistance. I have walked in on several occasions at varying times over a six month period and the doors were not locked. June 17th I walked in the front door absolutely no one was on the top floor, I proceed to the basement where that door was closed. Nobody had any idea I was in the building. I told them, they didn’t seem concerned. (not very safe in my opinion) I have picked up my child several times and her shoes are on the wrong feet and no one notices and instructs her to put her shoes on the correct feet. My child seems to have regressed and picked up several bad habits. I asked for my deposit of $128.00 and i was told since i didn’t give two weeks notice they would not be giving me my deposit back. I feel if you remove your child because you think they are being neglected you shouldn’t have to leave that child in their care for another 2 weeks to recieve your deposit. My child was never taught any writing skills, or constant learning of any of the alphabet or numbers. Only the books of the bible and short songs. Any crafts were constructed by the workers and our child got to scribble on the paper or paint doodles with their fingers. No real structured learning. The turn around for kids and workers is abundent. So my reasoning for this report is Kids Unlimited. jefferson City, MO keeps your deposit because you don’t want your child in a dangerous situation for two extra weeks so you can collect your deposit. I also in my personal opinion believe thay keep a lot of deposits for this reason. Also they have been closed down 2 times because of kids wondering off and being found roaming, one time the child was in the street.

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