Kierra Chantae Schauer – Socorro, New Mexico New Mexico


This girl went to highschool with me and all of our friends. She was one of us. She committed the ultimate betrayal when she went after and seduced one of our friends father. His dad is 50 years old. I guess she can’t keep a man her own age because who wants to raise her two babies? She went after him for over a year and when he was vulnerable she went in hard. She always thought our friend had money and that’s why we think she went after him. The friend we are defending is such a sweetheart. We can’t believe she targeted his dad. We have heard this the 2nd relationship she’s destroyed because of her greed. If you find her name in your husband phone or on his Facebook you should be very worried. In my opinion she has no conscience and feels no guilt for destroying a 23 year marriage. They were married before she was born. Gross!! In my opinion she is a slut too selfish, lazy and too desperate to find a man of her own. She should start playing with men her own age instead of tearing families apart. I hope life serves her a big plate of karma when she grows up. The most disgusting, disrespectful thing a woman can do is go after a married man. We have all lost all respect for her.

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