Kim Bellmyer – Owasso, Oklahoma Oklahoma


Take a look. She may look harmless, but nothing could be farther from the truth. This is Kim Bellmyer, and she is what most people call; A HOME WRECKER! She is motivated by only one thing, MEN. And she has an insatiable appetite. She never takes a day off; not even for the holidays. And her Prey of choice: you guessed it, Men that are taken. She has a AAA rating when it comes to customer service. And she doesn’t mind delivery or take out. With delivery though, she is JimmyJohn’s “Freaky Fast.” It’s nothing for her to get word that her latest has got a 5 minute opening for a quickie in Broken Arrow, she’s up and covered 35 miles, finished, and back in Owasso in less than an hour. And you will never catch this girl with her head down, taking the dreaded “Walk of Shame.” No, she doesn’t let things like feelings get in her way. Shame and guilt are not in her vocabulary. My only question is, what motivates this girl to continue this never-ending routine. It’s a quest that she knows will inevitably end in failure every time. I guess if you want to pretend you are in a relationship for a little while, it might be an option, but who would? What sense of accomplishment could she get out of this? Because any girl that puts it out there every day for the guys, will eventually get a taker? So this couldn’t possibly be an ego booster. Not to mention Home wreckers aren’t exactly the ones people want to invite over when they are having a party, or socialize with at all. The whole reason I’m writing this is because I don’t want anyone to make the same mistake I made. My husband and her work together, but not closely. They could easily go a month without needing to communicate. But still, she would make a point in getting in touch with him multiple times per day. And right there is where I should have put a stop to it. If I could do anything different, I would have stepped in then. I foolishly believed that with all of her past conquests and accomplishments with men, she would surely overlook my happily married husband, and father of 3. But instead, her clothes were off so fast, you would have thought she was on fire. Oh yeah, heart and compassion are also words that are foreign to her. I do have something positive to say about Kim; she does not discriminate. She takes men of all shapes, sizes, and colors. But it lights a fire in her if he has a ring on his finger. When she gets her claws in your man, it’s scary watching her “transform” them. Basically overnight she teaches them how to be discrete, how to communicate over the phone, text, and email using a sophisticated type of code, and of course, how to become a Masterful liar. Her and mine have been carrying on their affair for right about 2 years now. All along right under everyone’s noses. But during these 2 years I have also seen her carry on with other people’s husbands. She’s a Wiz at keeping them all separated, so none of them ever know about the others.. Unfortunately ladies, statistics show that if you live in the State of Oklahoma, you have a 38.7 % chance that your husband has been sucked in by her. And if you live in the Tulsa, Jenks, Owasso, Collinsville, and surrounding area, the odds jump to 68.5% probability he’s been snagged. But if he walks with a funny itch, the odds jump to 90%. And I‘m not implying that you should move. Tulsa is a great place to live, just be sure and set lots of rodent traps. Because there’s nothing worse than finding a Rat in your stuff.

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