Kim Scimeca – Wake Forrest, North Carolina North Carolina


Kim has been having an affair with my husband since January 2016. She works at Lowes home improvement in Wake Forest, NC. She works in the kitchen and bathroom business. He was a vendor customer and he left his business card. She then started calling him knowing he was married and had 3 kids. I found out that she lives in my neighborhhood. So fast forward to summer this 250 lb woman who wears a string bikini to the pool would come sit next or near me everytime I was there knowing she was having an affair with my husband. My son works at the pool too. She knew that. She left her husband two weeks before my husband left me. A day after my husband left me she went and got the almost same tattoo as me on the same body part. My husband came back to try and work things out with me two days after he left and she encouraged him to be with her and made him feel guilty due to the fact she had already left her husband and put her house up for sale. In NC we have an alienation of affection law and my lawyer says my case is open and close so I will sit back and watch things unravel. If you plan a kitchen and bathroom and are married I would suggest you call someone else. I will fill in more details once litigation is over.

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