Kim Woodard – Westmoreland, Tennessee Tennessee


My husband and I had been working on our marriage, we had been through hell and back but were finally doing good. This his sister (the shed evil herself) decided to help her brother out and introduce him to her friend. As soon as I found out I told him that it wasn’t ok and if he wanted to be with me he was to end the “friendship” ASAP and cut ties. I watched him email this girl telling her he had made a mistake and that he was marriage, then he blocked her. For months we was good then we would fight then we was good. But he never stopped telling me he loved me. Four months later I find out he has had a secret phone and still been in contact with her. He had fed her so many lies about how he couldn’t wait to be closer to her. (We live over 1000 miles away) That he was getting out of the military, true but he’s getting kicked out. He went back home for one week because his grandfather was on his death bed. Which also turned out to be a lie. He left our children alone every night with people they barely know to go be with this girl. A month later he goes away to “training” and our son becomes extremely ill. However, father of the year cannot be reach. Or so I though! He actually knew that we were at the hospital the whole time and just decided to stay and drink with her. Then when he finally comes back he brings her with him. I make him tell her the truth about me. She wants to go home, I end up buying her a plane ticket home because I felt she was innocent and was a victim. however a month later she is buddy buddy with all his family and still not out of the picture. She wasn’t no more innocent than he was.

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