Kimball, Tirey and St. John LLP Review


Father Joe Villages and St Vincent De Paul permanent housing unit Village Place apartments 32 17th Street San Diego Ca 92101 is used as a crack house by African Americans. Drug use and drug dealing is allowed on the premises. On June 28, 2013 according to FBI and Secret Service police, a black woman named Lorraine Prenters in unit 320 was arrested by undercover police for selling narcotics. Property manager Erica Jardine and director of housing Gervon Flannagan had knowledge of this information yet did not evict Prenters. Lorraine Prenters also was allowed to assault residents and did so boldly on security cameras. St Vincent De Paul attorney Rebecca J Fortune of Kimball, Tirey & St John of 7676 Hazard Center Drive Suite 900 San Diego Ca 92108 protected the drug dealers via housing director Gervon Flannagan. Rebecca Fortune hacked into a residents email and gave a false subpoena information to Google and Cox Communications in order to obtain email contents which revealed conversations with Chief of Police and FBI about Lorraine Prenters assaulting people, making terrorists theats and drug dealing. A resident named Samuel Hollman of unit 322 complained about Lorraine Prenters of unit 320, Regina White of unit 212, Sabrina and her husband in unit 201, Veronica in unit 202, Mike Hoffman in unit 208, and Willie Ray Meadows in unit 321. According to Samuel Hollman these residents are actively a part of New Jack City and currently use crack, speed and meth. Willie Meadows is in a brand new car like a white Lincoln Town Car every week. Samuel Hollman was found dead in the desert a month ago after the email account was hacked into by Rebecca Fortune and given to Gervon Flannagan housing director who protects the drug dealers. It is speculation that Gervon Flannagan is either a crack smoker or a drug dealer and the residents are working for her. There needs to be a federal investigation of this organization and the black mafia ring.

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