Kimberley R. Manning – Middletown, Ohio Ohio


Meet Kimberley R. Manning. She is our friendly neighborhood HOMEWRECKER. She has this wonderful community service of sleeping with married men whose wives are recovering from cancer. She likes to use childish filters with cat ears to send your husband nude photos. She likes to put her name in your husband’s phone under a man’s name. She likes to claim that she’s only helping the men understand what the wives are going through. She then likes to meet up with your husband and sleep with him and your family vehicle in public parks during the day, while the wife is at work. Kimberley thinks it’s okay to come into your home while you’re at work. When the wife finds out Kimberlee wants to play like she had no part of it that it was all the husband’s fault… oh, that the husband was stalking her and that the husband is a predator. Kimberley doesn’t mind tearing apart your family. Kimberley likes to play the victim after the wife finds out. He has been is absolutely 150% at fault, the husband has yet to realize everything he’s about to lose. So good luck ladies If you see the nasty chick tell that b**** I said hey.

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