Kimberly L Fielder – Aurora, Illinois Illinois


Convicted Criminal, Stalker. Pathological liar. Obscenity poster. She is on the bottom row, in the middle of the photo. I found this Naperville police MUGSHOT online after-the-fact, when she mightily attempted to come between me and BF. The sick desperation she displayed in her failed attempts to seduce my man were shocking, to say the least. All done right in the middle of the day. Doesn’t have anything to do at work? More than likely, has her priorities seriously screwed up. Maybe she works at spreading her legs only. Every word out of her mouth is a LIE, everything. After shit hit the fan around my home (it was over between them before anything physical occurred) , we started googling this physco. Wow, she has had multiple orders of protections filed against her, Stalking no-contact orders, Harassment charges, convictions of Obsenity,, etc. For sure this was not her first rodeo, she has done this before to some other poor family. It’s sick that some people never learn from their mistakes. Especially when you consider her age, late 50s? Beware! This nasty bottom-feeding liar is on the prowl, and it seems as if she has a lawyer on speed dial, when shes not writing your man, attempting to weasel her way into his pocketbook with LIES LIES and more LIES. Thank God he saw through it right away, but honestly, we are both scared now after searching the courts web site. Some of her victims were WOMEN! She played the sorrow card to my guy about raising a child, but it seems as if the truth is kimberly l. fielder is suing another woman for Child Support. Steer clear of this trash.

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