Kimberly Parr – Boonsboro, Maryland Maryland


Allow me to steal 1 minute of your time for this piece of unstable waste. This one slept with my boyfriend, but I’m here for what she did to my friend, S. Poor S, such a sweet girl college girl, decorates her own backpack with flowers out of glitter glue, wants to teach kids and is the kindest girl you’ll ever meet. But Kimberly Parr carried on sleeping with the man S trusted and doesn’t care about the damage she’d caused to S’ mental wellness. Kimberly Parr claims that her mental illness makes her a victim of her own impulses, and that, because she’s a Leo (zodiac), that means that she’s an outgoing performer who deserves praise and attention. As someone who struggles with depression, I know the pain well, but a grown woman should know by now that it’s her own responsibility to control herself. As for me, at first I beat myself up about what I’d done to not be good enough, but being able to go to school with her helps. Hearing about the things she does let’s me know she’ll have it rough in life because her selfish, impulsive behavior ensures she’ll never have friends who won’t eventually leave her. I just wish everyone at Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland could be warned. WAC ladies, don’t let this one around your man. WAC gentlemen, this one is an easy lay. Also, I got to sneak a peek at the nudes she’d be sending my man whenever we’d be hanging out.

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