Kimberly R. Baker – Niles, Michigan Michigan


This woman had an affair with my husband and tried to lie to everyone that she didn’t know he was married when the salon she worked at fired her for talking about her affair to one of my relatives so I called her right away to tell her he was indeed married with kids and she didn’t care at all she believed his lies and even got him to move in with her for a month til he came crying to me cuz the grass was definitely not greener on the other side she must have been doing something wrong or he wouldn’t of came crying to me but she still thinks she isn’t a homewrecker and that she did nothing wrong she even had her mother involved sticking up for her what a mother to teach your daughter such great morals! But that is how her mom met her dad taking him from another man….she is not innocent neither is my husband but at least he owns up where she just thinks I’m crazy and she’s miss innocent who didn’t have a relationship with a married man who would still come home every day even if I asked him to stay away do she obviously wasn’t worth it but be a woman and own up to your mistakes for being a homewrecking whore who had the audacity to come to my house and talk to my children while I was in the bathroom and took off as soon as I ran outside and stalked us at work she owns her own salon in her house now so don’t send your husband to inspire hair salon unless you want him to get the special! She owes me for her salon anyway since my husband built it on her porch for her so she needs to pay me some money at least.

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