Kimberly Revell – Cottonwood, Arizona Arizona


Kim had been my friend for a few months. After losing touch we united again, this time her husband has left her for another woman in a state half way across the USA. She and her son who was close to my daughters age needed a place to live, so I opened my home to her and her son. I had just had my son whom was less than a month old. Unable to take antidepressants due to nursing, the hormones, I’m sure made it difficult to be married to me. Instead of helping me overcome this difficult time in my life, my husband decided to hit on and proceed to have an affair with my friend whom I was helping out after her family had been torn apart. On top of that, this woman was there for me when my husband and I were going through rough times. It was all tainted. She now lives with her new man and new child. I hope she feels the depth of hurt she has caused every time she realizes I’m no longer there. Soon to be ex-husband Sean Nooner of Prescott, AZ , you will never be happy.

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