Kimberly Schiavone – Riverview, California California


Little Miss “soon to be professional Nurse Practitioner” met my husband in Vegas last year and knew he had two kids and a wife. After I found out about their secret relationship-trips, emails, texts, & he even had a burner phone to talk with her, she intensified the communication. One email even included her telling him “I cannot wait to write your daughters prescriptions.” Mind you, my daughters are 14 & 7…how sick can one person be? So, now that I’m divorcing him and she’s broken up an amazing family, I write her this- THANKS Kim… …for all of the outreach to MY husband-including texts, emails, & phone calls, the secret visits to see MY husband, the provocative pictures you sent to MY husband, and your persistence in wanting MY husband! To reward you for your time and constant effort, I am offering you MY husband for keeps. Should you accept your prize, please note the following rules: 1. You will never be a mother. Given he can no longer have any additional children of his own, mine will definitely not be accepting of you and you will never be allowed the bond I once shared with him and our daughters. Additionally, you will have to give up every other weekend because you openly wrote in an email that you could not wait to write my daughter prescriptions, so you will be banned from these visits as I fear for my daughters safety. 2. You will NOT return him to me. I will NOT have him. He messed up when he touched you! I was a good wife to him and he had a good thing going here. Don’t be surprised if you don’t live up to me because you won’t and he will make you miserable for it! 3. You will need to come to terms that he WILL do the same thing to you that he has done to me. He’s a chronic cheater and who’s always looking for “the next best thing”. Actually not only is he cheating on me with you but I found another girl’s number in his car last week. So, it looks like you’re ALREADY being cheated on. Have fun with that. So, thank you Kim, the Vegas wh*re that stole my husband from his wife and kids, & for showing me that this life was no match for you! I applaud you on a man well won. HE’S ALL YOURS!

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