Kimi (Eleanor) Beckett – Boise, Idaho Idaho


Kimi (Eleanor) Beckett had an affair with my husband. They were colleagues at T Mobile, she knew he was married and did not care. She knew him for three days before the slept with him. My husband and I had a three month old son at the time, and my husband would stay at her apartment until 3 or 4 am every day. He kept denying an affair, and then one morning I found a very ugly little purse in MY car with her license in it. She was 8 years older than me and very homely looking. My husband ended the affair shortly after. She got a DUI and after he bailed her out of jail, he ended things. About two months after this, she became pregnant with another co workers child. She is now 40 and just got married for the first time. I wonder if her husband knows her trashy and scandalous past? She still dresses like a 12 year old skater boy and is a very disturned woman. Karma is a b**** and I KNOW some day she will get hers. Because of this affair, I have been relying on sleeping pills and have major trust issues and flashbacks. This affair was the lowest point in my life by far.

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