Kimmi Argueta – Mountain View, California California


This HOMEWRECKER Kimmi Argueta had a thing for my husband and would text him at all hours of the night. I found out and addressed it with my husband and he said he would talk with her. He moved departments to keep his distance at work. She moved out from her home and decided to seek my husband and slept with him despite the fact that he was married and had a 2 year old son. Then she gets caught and lies about it and says she never slept with him to my face and tells her husband she did in fact sleep with him on multiple occasions. Then the husband goes to tell me that they did in fact sleep together multiple times which was confirmed with my now ex husband. Keep in mind all the men she slept with worked with her. I guess she wants to sleep her way to the top? Disgusting! Beware! She seeks weak men.

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