Kindly take note of this. Be careful.


Let me begin by warning you, be careful going to this dentist since my workmate had a negative experience sometime back not long ago approximately like 7 months ago down the line. Actually, he ended up regretting why he had gone there due to the experience he had during his visit. He heard about the dentist on social media having been rated one of the best hence decided to give him a shot on the services that he offers, having higher expectations of the services but unfortunately that was not the case, he ended up getting annoyed. It was his first visit there and guess what? It was actually his last visit too, he never stepped his foot back there. He had actually gone there for a cleaning and x-rays. The staff of that place failed to inform him that they are not in network with any dental insurance companies and surprisingly, the dentist never even bothered to tell him too. His insurance company pays 100% preventive maintenance. He presented his insurance card to the office. Again, he was never told anything about not being in network or that he will be charged a higher rate for that matter. My workmate walked out of that office expecting to have a zero balance after the insurance had paid them for the services. It was the opposite of what he expected, he found a bill for $299.80. That was the remaining amount after the insurance had paid them 70% of the invoice. He was shocked so he made an effort of calling the insurance company and they told him that, the dentist office had inflated the charges for him because they are not in network and could get by with it. Imagine $299.80 for two cleanings and x-rays even after the insurance payment was made for him. He was damn annoyed. He just said he will find himself a new dentist that hopefully could be honest with their patients. After a while, they actually turned him over for collection. Surely, how can someone try to ruin someoneís credit over inflated charges, this case was unbelievable. The dentist was nothing but just but a useless guy. If at all it were me, I really donít know how I could have dealt with them. They were never even shameful to tell him to call the dentist and discuss the issue with him. So he did call him and he never knew who responded to him. He was told to leave his name and phone number for the office manager to call him back after a short while. Even several days later, there was no response from those people. He had to call back and ask to speak to the dentist, only to be told she had no scheduled hours and again he was asked to leave his name and number, which he did again after he clearly explained that someone there wanted to talk to him. Even after him putting all this effort, there was nothing. It was really hard for him to tell me about his experience. The staff there is careless about customers. The only thing true about this place is they are scammers who only want to take your money.

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