King Candy Crush Colorado Springs


Complaint: Would like to either receive my money back or report them as a fraud. Canu2019t get in touch with anyone and something should be done about this as I am see8ng this happens all the time and King is gettping away with it. What are my options amd what can be done. This is what I received from them: Thank you for contacting King Customer Care. We are currently experiencing more service requests than normal so please expect a slightly longer delay in our response times Until we have chance to get to your email, did you know that over 40% of issues on mobile devices are resolved by simply updating the game app to the latest version? Why not head over to your app store now and see if this gets you back to the adventure? Follow this link to watch a video tutorial on how to update your app. If it fixes your issue please let us know, if not then don’t worry we’ll be in touch soon! King Customer Care i did what they instructed and updated but nothing was done for me to receive my gold bars…. Help me either get them to pay all their customers or get them off the internet.

Tags: Fraud- Automotive, Internet Fraud

Address: Internet United States

Website: replyto%[email protected]/


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