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Went in with my brother (whom is disable) told them we needed a car that would not break down and leave him unattended and alone. He was interested in a CTS CADILLAC, 2007. My brother said if I drive and tell you what I feel is wrong, will you plese fix ! He also asked him if the car had been water logged. | Matt, the manager, said RAlph, shook his hand and said, I promise to fix the car and promise it is not a water logged car. Ralph took home after signing papers. The front bumper of the car was falling off, screws fell out. The car smells like its been in a flood. The worst part is, I took it to DIMMITT CADILLAC in Clearwater fl. They said that Ralph could not drive the car (this is before 1st months paymen to bank) it was unsafe to drive, it could kill him. | Ralph told the bank all of this. I called the so called dealer and told him, he told the banker there was nothing wrong with the car, wow, this Matt the manager, called me everything in the book, except white. So emarrasing. Fowl mouth fiftty man. I told him to go back where he came from. | He lied to RAlph, me, and the banker. As Dimmit sent the banker PFS a copy of how much it would take to fix the car. He told the dealer he had to pay, even halfof the car, (yeah right, nothing wrong, right) ? He paid a small portion and Ralph paid the rest. | The paint is falling off the car. We learned, but I tell you Florida is the biggest rip off place in Forida, even some of the police officers and a lawyer. We paid 388.00’s for a title. He told the bank we didn’t that we owed him, what is wrong with this jerk., He held the title and wouldn’t let us have it. Itook him to the traffic department and they filed for a lost title. Matt got so mad as we did this, what did he expect? | On the loan paper it showed that RAlph borrow for the tag. He wanted to make sure the banker believe him. He is mad, and a damm liar. If there is ever a s***k in this state it is Matt, and kings auto group inc. There are 4 people that he ripped off just before Ralph. Do they know they can come here to tell their story? I wished. | I want a law that covers when people bu a used car, that they hold the dealer responsible, and that all things should be fixed and show the records on this. | Too may people being taken advantage up, espcially buy liear, stealing, fowl mouth dealers. KINGS AUTO GROUP INC is a rip/off Please go some where else. This is the truth and nothing but the truth. People should get a list of BURN OUT-DIRTY MOUTH LIAR DEALEARS THAT RIP OFF THE PEOPLE WHOM NEED A CAR.

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