Kings Electric and Air Conditioning Review


After completing work at my house in 2004, Kings Electricians failed to close the permit by scheduling a final inspection preventing/delaying the sale of my home. During Hurricane Wilma in late 2004, my electrical panel in my home stopped working. I found Kings Electricians (aka Kings Electrical Contractors) in the Yellow Pages. I hired them and they repaired/replaced the panel (including placing their sticker with their company information on the panel). The work required a permit from the City, which John Phillip Gallina, with Kings Electricians, pulled. John applied for the permit on Nov. 24, 2004, and it was issued on Nov. 29, 2004. However, John, nor anyone from Kings Electricians, called the City of Boca Raton for the final inspection by the City to close the permit after they completed the work. The city closed the permit on May 29, 2005, without a final inspection. I was unaware of this oversight until I had a contract to sell my house and the title search found the open permit on Nov. 20, 2013. I cannot sell my house with this permit open. On Nov. 20, I called the city to find out what happened. They explained that Kings Electricians never closed the permit, and hasn’t been licensed to do business in Boca Raton since 2011. So, in order to close the permit, Kings Electricians needs to bring their license current in the City, pay to reopen my permit, and call for a final inspection. (When I paid for the work it included the cost of the original permit.) On Nov. 21, I called I contacted Kings Electricians. Lauren at the company instructed me to email her the permit and she would help. I did as she asked and I never heard from her. I followed up with a call to Lauren and she said they aren’t the same company. Of course, they have the same logo, address, and electrician. Therefore, I sent a certified letter explaining that they are the same company and need to finish the project I paid them for. John called leaving a message that I needed to provide a paid receipt for the work or they would not help. This work was done almost 10 years ago. I cannot locate a receipt. However, they pulled the permit and did the work and now will not finish the job. On Jan. 3, 2014, I sent John Gallina and Lauren and email with all of the information from the City showing they are the company that pulled the permit. I will be forced to pay the City to reopen the permit and hire an electrician to close the permit in order to sell my home. I would like for Kings Electricians to finish the job … open the permit ($107) and schedule the final inspection to close the permit. And to do this ASAP so I may sell my house.

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