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We live in central Florida. In Dec. of 2013 we purchased Kinro double pane windows for our home, because our single pane windows were old and forming water on the inside when temps dropped to 32 degrees which is not often. The first 2 years we did not notice any problems, however after that we had terrible water build up on the inside of the windows. We tried everything thinking it could be condensation soon ruled that out when I had a window contractor notice that the seals on the window were not good. Several of my neighbors had windows by other companies put in none of them had a problems with the water. Called the distributor that we bought the windows from and they told us they do not deal with Kinro anymore due to there lack of customer service and the company never wants to back the warranty. After many phone calls to Kinro they sent me info on condensation and tell me that’s what my problem is. I sent them artcles that stated in 2013 Kinro windows had bad seals. At this point I asked them to send someone out to inspect these windows. Thinking this would be a solution. The man called several times kept cancelling and told me over the phone that he had to check with the company as to what to tell us.Needless to say we felt like this was a waste of time. He showed up and cheked for humidity levels which were in normal range and he found some broken seals on the windows. We never got a written report from him that day he said they don’t do that he would report back to the boss. Mr. Bill Boynton sent me an e-mail telling me it was condensation. I in turn said it wasn’t and that his guy even found broken seals and average humidity in my house. I e-mailed him back an article from the internet that stated in 2013 Kinro had Bad seals on there windows. He quickly responded by saying my case was different. I feel this company hires people to say whatever there told to. Nothing is professional about this company or the people they have running it.

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