Kiona Woodridge – Marlboro, Maryland Maryland


Kiona Woodridge is not who she pretends to be, she is manipulative and a pathological liar. I met this woman in April and I believe and in October she expressed to me she was pregnant. I asked was she sure it was mine, she told me yeah and then the drama started with her. She filed a report saying I was stalking and harassing her. I have plenty evidence proving that is her way out instead of telling the truth, she tried to play the victim card. I’m not here to seek revenge, it’s to warn any other men. Please do a background check on this woman she is a Complete liar and crazy… Stop putting babies on ppl and to keep your secret a lie from your family u try to file a restraining order to make it seem like the guy is crazy when in actuality you don’t want them to know you lied you try to make it seem like someone is a deadbeat you don’t even know who your child’s father is women like you abuse the system , there were no threats made no harassment going on but since you couldn’t tell the truth you tried to sabotage my life because I saw through you ? God helped me dodge this bullet thanks for putting that ignorance on my record though

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