Kirsten Sparks – Douglasville, Georgia Georgia


This girl Kirsten Sparks met my husband on World of Warcraft, they played together for a while and became friends. One night when she knew he was out of town and away from me she started sending him sexts, telling him how into him she was. My husband was in a very vulnerable place (he has bipolar disorder) and she knew it. I had just lost my father and was absolutely devastated and just not in a place to be the kind of wife I should’ve been and she knew it. She started telling him that I wasn’t good enough to him, anytime he had a complaint she jumped right on in. He was complaining about having to make his own dinner one night while I was taking our daughter to ballet class and she replied that she couldn’t believe I would make him cook for himself and started ranting about how she would never let him cook his own meals if he was with her. Anytime he tried to back out of their relationship she would do everything she could to get him not to. At this point they still hadn’t met in person, he told her he didn’t think he could do that and the next day she called and told him that she suddenly had to move across the country and that they would never get another chance to be together and begged him to see her, so he took off and spent a whole weekend with her. Over the weekend she convinced him to leave me and our 3 children and to move to where she is, and he was going to, he called to tell me we were over and everything. He came home after a couple of days and begged me stay with him, realizing what he was going to be giving up when he saw his things packed. As it turns out she had been manipulating him the whole time, she never moved, and my husband seems to think that she was hoping to use him to pay her way through college because her mom did things like that and was in the middle of a divorce from a man (who was married to someone else when she met him) who she used to put her son through college. The funny part is even if he had stayed with her there is no way he could’ve afforded to put her through school considering he would have been paying child support on 3 kids.

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