Kitty Doupe – Las Vegas, Nevada Nevada


My husband is a veteran with PTSD, a traumatic brain injury and also suffers from bipolar disorder. He refuses treatment due to the stigma about mental illness and fear of losing his status at work. Our family has been through hell trying to cope with his cycles of manic episodes and depression, for years. I have been begging him to see a therapist and to go to marriage counseling with me to help deal with all the damage that he has done due to these mental health issues. During his latest state of mania, he stated disappearing after work and wasting money on pointless things. Another common behavior found in bipolar sufferers is hypersexuality, which often leads to affairs. This woman, works with my husband and had been sleeping with him for months. When I started questioning my husband about why he was always home so late coming home from work and and complaining about him locking his phone, he filed for divorce. He then moved in with this homewrecker and STILL continued to tell me that she was “just his friend.” My husband went back and forth with me. Telling me he didn’t really want a divorce and he was just frustrated and confused. He told me whatever he could to make me believe he regretted leaving and wanted to work on the marriage. But something felt off about him living with this woman. I didn’t trust this. So I messaged her on Facebook. I politely asked her if there was anything going on and explained my concerns and the situation. He responded lso defensively and rudely to me that, when she denied it, I had a hard time believing her. After some further investigation, I soon realized why she had been so defensive. She knew that he was married. She just didn’t care. She was sleeping with him before he had (secretly) filed for divorce. That was apparently just something he did to make himself feel better about being a cheater. Once I was aware of the truth, I confronted her and told her that he and I were not finished. I explained his mental health issues to her and I asked her to please leave him alone so that he and I could work things out. But, she just ignored me and did whatever she could to try to turn my husband against me. When my husband finally came down from his manic episode, he came home and tried to fix things with me. We started marriage counseling to help us get through the additional damage that the affair had caused. But this woman would not stop! She was blowing up his phone at 4 AM and messaging him at all hours. She posted all kinds of pictures of them together on social media just to humiliate me. When I finally couldn’t take it anymore, I told my husband that he needed to leave if he could not make her stop. So he left and moved right back in with the whore. She wins. She can have him. She can deal with his emotional problems and is erratic behavior. I asked her repeatedly to have the decency to leave him alone, but she is so pathetic and needs validation so desperately, that she can only feel important if she is stealing affection or attention from someone else. How sad.

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