Neenah Wisconsin Review


I ordered hinges and pulls from on Aug 18, 2014. I ordered over $100 to get the free shipping. The website showed nothing about items being on backorder. I received an email on the 19th with my invoice so I thought I was good to go. I received a call on the Aug 21 and was informed my pulls were on backorder. I also learned that this company did not actually physically own the merchandise (Amerock), but rather drop shipped through the manufacturer. Since cancelling the backorder items brought me under the $100 threshhold for free shipping, I made sure I still recieved the free shipping, which i did. I was told they would contact the manufactuer and ship out the other items as soon as possible. Again, I thought I was good to go. I received an email that same day stating ALL the items were on backorder. I am not sure which came first, the email or the phone call, since I was busy working on my kitchen and didn’t check my email until about 4pm. So naturally I called back and inquired about the email. I explained how I had received a call earlier regarding the backordered pulls, but was unaware all my items were on backorder. I was told that they would have to check with the manufacturer regarding the other items and it would take a few days. I was informed the earliest my order would ship out would be the next week. I needed these knobs early next week, not the week after with all these delays, so I went ahead and cancelled my order. Foolishly, I thought I was good to go. I received all my items minus the pulls on Tuesday. Knowing I have dogs, the UPS guy didn’t even ring my doorbell, but rather just left the packaging on my porch. I didn’t even notice the package until the evening. I called and asked them why I still received the order even though I cancelled it. I explained I had already gotten a set of hardware from elsewhere, so I had no need for the order anymore. I was told that the package had already been processed for shipping and that I cancelled too late. I would have to pay return shipping. Because I had previous working experience in a warehouse, I informed the csr that the explanation was bogus and that orders through UPS could be tracked and cancelled at anytime by the shipper while enroute. I also informed them the interior packing slip clearly indicated an order CANCEL DATE of Aug 21, 2014, and a SHIP DATE of Aug 22, 2014. Also, the carton contents sticker on the exterior of the box had a timestamp of Aug 22, 2014 7:36am. So it was impossible for them to have packaged my item BEFORE I cancelled it. The csr told me she would contact the manufactuer and let me know. A week later and without a response I called back. Explained the situation again. I was told again I would have to pay for return shipping since I cancelled too late. CSR even went on to state that (almost verbatim) “the manufacturer is so large and deals with millions of inventory. They ship packages on pallets and it would have been impossible to pull yours out. It is not their fault sir because you cancelled too late.”” I again told her that the excuse she gave me was unnacceptable

considering my warhouse experience. I did however leave out the part about how since they drop shipped

she actually had no clue about any of the manufactuers multiple warehouses across the U.S. I asked why I received the email stating all my items were on backorder

and she just said that the emails were automatically sent out. She didn’t respond when I asked why the information was incorrect on the email. Finally

after more excuses

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