Knowledge Source Complaint


Another spruiker introduced by Knowledge Source Events. Sean Shelton runs Income Education LLC, but your never find his name anywhere after the first seminar. It works like this. At the Knowledge Source Seminar Sean tells you how you can make millions from US Real Estate and Tax Liens, but in time here can”t tell you much but if you pay 2100 for a weekend course he will teach you. The weekend course “introduces” some concepts but they tell you in the time they have they cant teach you fully so please sign up for another course that is either $20, 000, 40, 000 or 60, 000! and of course there are heaps of staff there to tell you to sign up. Sean is not actually at this weekend course (even though at the Knowledge Source Seminar he said he would be teaching at it) but we can meet him later if we sign up for the next course. The guy taking the course even says that you can have the 2100 back if the weekend is not what you expect, but he is sure we will want the next course and be happy. Well of course the inevitable happened and when people apply for money back, no answer from the company (who are based in USA so dont be fooled by their AUS address), 2100 down the drain. Jim

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