Kody Walton Roberts – San Antonio, Texas Texas


WARNING: This man is a pathological liar. He is living a fairytale life, and needs severe mental assistance. He will first take you to a car dealership, stating that he has a trust fund or inheritance. Or that he is a retired veteran. He will then take you inside and convince you to sign your name on papers, so that the vehicle is partially (or fully) your responsibility. He will eventually do one of two things… leave you with the vehicle and all of the payments that he promised he would pay, or at least assist with. OR he will run off in the vehicle, which will later be found repossessed which may or may not have your personal belongings in them (this has happened on 3 different occasions, to 3 separate women). Do not believe a word that is to come out of his mouth. What has he told you? As mentioned above, that he is retired military? That suffers from PTSD? That he has cancer? That he owns a ranch? That his grandparents are dead? That his son is dead? That he works for a hot-shot company? That he is not the one to blame for his legal charges (theft of a firearm, hot checks)? He has also been known to steal large amounts of money from women he has been involved with. He has also stolen property (flat-screen TV’s, to be exact). He has cheated multiple times. He will declare his love and propose early into the relationship, with his “grandmothers ring”. He will drag you and your family members along into his sh*t storm. He is manipulative and controlling, and will try to convince you to stay. It is toxic and it will not get better. I can promise you it has not ended well for anyone involved. Nobody is sure of what length he will go to next, as he has no remorse or compassion for anyone around him. Get out now, it will be the best decision you could have made.

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