Kohl’s Department Stored Credit Card Durham North Carolina Review


I have been fighting with Kohls for 2 months to resolve this; I made a payment for Kohls bill in Nov.; it cleared my bank but was never credited to my account; before the check cleared at my bank I paid the bill a second time + these late charges they keep tacking on (I have never paid my bill late); I have done everything Kohls asked me to do including sending a copy of the cleared check (yes, it is blurry, but that is the way it came back from them!) Their customer service reps DO NOT LISTEN and can be very rude; My husband finally got a customer service supervisor, Helen, ext. 82707, but she would not talk to him about the account because it is in my name; I have called her numerous times and she will not answer her phone or return my calls. I finally got another lower level call center person, Julio, and he is the first one who has actually tried to help me resolve this. My bank is writing a letter and sending information on my behalf to try to help me recover the money that KOHLS OWES ME! MY ADVICE TO EVERYONE US TO NEVER, EVER USE A KOHL’S CHARGE CARD FOR PURCHASES!!! It is not worth the little bit you might save on the cost of an item. This is at least the second problem like this I have had with Kohls about my account. My account will be closed whenever this matter is resolved.

Milwaulkee, Wisconsin United States of America



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