Kohls Phoenix Arizona Review


I brought a Roommate Vacuumed to Kohls to return for store credit. The item was a gift and I had no reciept. The item was still in the box, brand new never used. I was issued a corparate refund. 2 weeks later I contacted the refund number on the receipt, where the person on the line had asked me questions as to when where and how I paid for the item. She returned only to tell me that she could not trace the item for that time frame as being sold. Therefore without a receipt they would not issue me my refund. I said well then I wanted my merchandise back. She told me I could not have it back unless I had a receipt. This item is locked and has to be delivered to a cashier at purchase. So the idea of theft is out of the question. So why was I denied my refund and now they have taken my merchandise too?

5408 w Bell Road Glendale, Arizona United States



Corparate Refund Fraud

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