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Complaint: I’ve been working for kri for almost 10 years combined. I worked for ph when it was still corporate in the early 90’s. Since kri bought the franchise, they have closed delivery stores, made delivery areas bigger, expected faster delivery times with less employees. They have also closed 95% of the dine in restaurants in their area. Their claim is that fewer people want to eat at a restaurant. My opinion is that they have run the company name and standards into the ground to where they were forced to close locations. I once worked at a location that a round trip, to the farthest delivery area, was 15 miles. This was when the closest location was 1.5 miles away. They routed it to a location that was considerably farther away. They continue, throughout the years, to make decisions that are not logical and make customers mad and go elsewhere. The top complaint is that it takes too long for delivery and the food is cold. Areas are too big and not logically laid out. Their highest money making store is deep in the hood. They have to pay their drivers more per delivery because they don’t tip in the hood. Drivers quit and are robbed often in the hood. Very high turnover rate for a company. The truth is that is if you’re not Hispanic or black or Haitian, you’re going to be the least important employee, even if you have years of senority. They don’t give raises to the people that do the most work. The only people that might get raises are management. They have a huge issue with store general managers. They can’t keep them, even if they have years of experience in the field. They micro manage everything. They don’t let the general manager do their job. They tell them every move they must make,even if the rgm knows it is a wrong decision at the time. They are too quick to send everyone home,only to get slammed later. They don’t seem to care if delivery times hit three hours, one hour before close. This is the worst managed company I’ve ever worked for. They only enforce company policies if it suits their agenda. If you run good numbers, lying or cheating, then they will keep you even if you make employees and customers very mad. All they care about is short term profits and making their numbers look good, even though they aren’t real numbers. The drivers are being paid $3 less an hour to drive, even if they aren’t actually driving. They are pre dispatching and cashing out before the driver leaves the store and before the driver comes back. All this time make the numbers look good, but to screw their employees out of the honest pay they deserve. Then they have the audacity to say the driver took too long. They are manipulating the final numbers so much! None of their in store or delivery times are accurate!

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