Kortni Atkinson – Pelahatchie, Mississippi Mississippi


She decided that it would be cute to Snapchat a married man, asking for a hook up, then took advantage of the fact the married man and his wife going through personal issues to “throw” herself on him… was confronted more then once by the wife, and yet she never fessed up? Her own mother (Debra Atkinson) knows about her wrong doings, oh! And the best part her favorite known drug is cocaine… but expects to be around the husbands TWO children? Now, don’t let this fool you, the husband is just in a rut as this HOMEWRECKER is… But now she “loves him” and wants to be by his side! The best part of all this is she had an affair with the husband while his wife was pregnant!! They have been living together at two POS “friends” house who let this happen… and let me note, this nasty piece of trash, looks just like his wife’s drugged out sister… but it’s okay cause karma is a bi**h, and she’s closer then they think Wanna know the husbands name? Zach Russum. Just go take a gander on Facebook, just to see what he screwed up, for a low life nasty HOMEWRECKER.

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