Kourvosieur Apparel Abu Dhabi, UAE Review


I am writing to you regarding my recent unpleasant experience I had while shopping online on Kourvosieur site. Namely I ordered two dresses worth 698$, state tax 43,62$, shipping 29$, in total 770.62$ from their site on 14th of May to be delivered to the hotel in Los Anegeles. I am a cabin crew for Airline from UAE, and one of my colleagues was supposed to pick up the shipment for me while on duty there. As I needed dresses for my sisteru2019s wedding, I was anxious whether the shipment will arrive on time. More than one week passed and my dresses were still not dispatched and there was no mail from Kourvosieur. I sent them an email, but there was no reply. I tried contacting them via Instagram, and the only thing I got was a very rude and inappropriate answer, from seemingly illiterate person. When after few days I finally got reply via email from them, it was only a screenshot of my order, where it was embedded that it was FRAUDULENT, but under that text, it said PAID. All of this made no sense to me, so concluding that I was scammed and that I will not get dresses I paid for, I went to my bank, reported the case and explained what happened. I tried once again to contact Kourvosieur via Instagram that I will file a lawsuit against them if they do not refund my money, on which they only said u201cno need we willu201d, but, obviously, that never happened. Unfortunately, I also discovered quite late numerous complaints on the internet against the same company from people who were also scammed and whose shipments never arrived or they got completely different items. What I am concerned about is how such company can continue to scam people and take money, without any legal consequences? If you read all those complains, you will conclude that they happen over longer period, so it means that, even though there are numerous reports against Kourvosieur company, they are still in the u201cbusinessu201d. Moreover, how such scam profile can even exist on Instagram? It is obvious that their followers are fake and that they do not have following it is written in numbers they have. In nowadays and digital age we live in, Instagram is space where you advertise your product, so it means that they can advertise and deceive people, without Instagram controlling its space and reliability of its users. How am I as a client and online shopper protected against these fake scamming profiles and who is supposed to take legal actions against this company? Should I file a lawsuit against the Kourvosieur company, against Instagram or both? Online shopping is the way of life nowadays and it is crucial to make that space safe and reliable.

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