Krine (McDaniel) Moore – Joliet, Illinois Illinois


OK. I have to preface this to say that my husband has been a serial cheater almost since the day we met. He has either been in emotional affairs or actual affairs since about 4 weeks into dating. We’ve separated twice. The first time was after 6 months of marriage. I found out before we separated that he had had at least 2 mistresses. However, neither one of them knew that we were together/married. He had told both that he was divorced from his first wife, but there was no mention about a new girlfriend or wife. After about 1 1/2 years, he begged to come back, telling me that he missed me and missed”us”. A few months into our reconciliation, I find out that he’s still seeing this woman Krine McDaniel Moore  that he met while we were separated. || His story to me then was that he felt bad about breaking it off and didn’t know how to. Of course, she didn’t know about my existence either. At that time, he promised to do counseling and remain focused on our marriage. This was in November 2014. Throughout the early part of 2015, I was monitoring his FaceBook and text messaging. In March 2015, I found an inappropriate conversation between my husband and Krine (McDaniel) Moore. I messaged her on FaceBook, letting her know that I was his wife and asking if they were related (my husband’s mother’s maiden name was McDaniel). She said yes. I said, well, it’s nice to meet family. I confronted him about the inappropriateness of the messages. He blew them off, saying that it was drunk, innocent banter. Fast forward to the beginning of 2017. I notice that he is on FaceBook a little too much, staying at the gym a little too long, taking a little too long to get back from work, etc. I questioned him about it, but he says it’s all in my head. On March 2, 2017, he had to have emergency surgery. I told him that I needed to have access to his phone to be able to contact his mother, ex-wife, kids, etc. about the status of his surgery. Well, when I got on his phone, I hit pay dirt. He and Ms. Moore had been plotting behind my back since the beginning of the year for him to leave me, move to Joliet, IL (we lived in a suburb of Washington DC), and start a law practice (he was, at that time, an Active Duty Soldier at the Pentagon, but planned to go on reserve status and start a law practice). This little tart knew he was married back in at least 2015, but she didn’t care. She’s nothing but a gold digger and saw my husband as nothing but a paycheck to get herself and her three unsupported children out of her parents’ house. Well, needless to say, his practice has tanked (he had no previous experience working in a private solo practice) and he’s finding that being with someone 18 years younger (she just turned 30, and he’s almost 48) isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Karma is a b*tch! Now, I know my husband was a serial cheater, but none of the other women knew he was married or in a relationship and were absolutely horrified when they found out that they were sleeping with a married man. This one, however, knew he was married and sought to sink her teeth into him. You both deserve each other and all of the misery that finds you. Watch out ladies in Joliet and surrounding towns. If your man’s got money, she may be gunning for him!

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