Kristen Brooks – Gray, Georgia Georgia


This girl Kristen Brooks is in her 30’s and lives at home with her parents who pay her bills. She obviously sleeps with married men because no mature single man wants to take care of a woman who can’t take care of herself. She claims to be the best mom but drops her kids off on her weekends to have sex with married men. She brags about it like it’s fun or cute but it’s very pathetic. She lies to everyone and plays the victim especially when she gets caught. She cheated on her husband when she was married and now the only guys she goes for married men. She laughs about it and thinks it funny. When confronted she threatens to call the cops because it’s obviously easy to spread her legs for anybody and everybody but she doesn’t like the consequences. She messes up families and she thinks it’s funny to do so. Watch out ladies, this liar loves to have sex with married men so if your married I’d watch your back. That’s including her friends because she has no standards what so ever.

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