Kristen Droze – Citrus Heights, California California


I recently underwent a similar situation to a story previously posted on here. While searching for any information that could possibly give me closure to a situation that shattered my heart. Kristen Droze, also mentioned in this article: had been having sex with my fiance’. She was a previous “hook-up” prior to our relationship and had paid for some of his music projects. He never lived with her, never gave her a key, never claimed her as anything more than a friend. He then met me, and the only reason I became aware of her was because when we first got together, she friend requested me on facebook. After a year and a half, I had found text messages she was sending to my fiance’. She would state things like, “I’m horny” as well as writing a 3 paragraph text complaining to him because he didn’t get her a christmas present, and she was upset because he never made time for her out of work and she couldn’t text or call him outside of work hours. When I confronted my fiance’ he tried to display his remorse and said that she meant nothing to him and it was a huge mistake. He ended communication with her, but it definitely caused an issue between us that demands effort every day to work through. Seeing the other article made me realize that this woman has a habit of this. I would say that I cannot wait for her to receive her due karma, but I realize that she lives it every day. What low self esteem one must have to be okay with playing the side chick, knowing the man would not leave his wife for here nor ever claim her in public or give her substantial time. And what kind of miserable life to live as a single mom being this type of an example to a young woman who looks to her for direction. A woman who is so desperate for attention that she is willing to settle for sexual favors during a man’s lunch break just to evoke some type of perceived desirable feeling within herself. All this leads me to believe that she is already living her karma, because there is a reason she goes after other women’s men. She must be incapable of getting her own.

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