Kristen Gamelin – Greenwood, Indiana Indiana


Kristen Gamelin was known around line dancing circles as sleeping with people and even had a son already, with the father no where in the picture. Then she targeted my friend’s husband, while pretending to be friendly with her as well, and he fell for it. He ended up leaving his wife, the sweetest girl you could know, for this HOMEWRECKER. She was looking for a baby-daddy who would completely support her, and her son, and she found it. She got him to abandon his wife (everyone knows it’s his fault too), moving in within a week of her being gone, then got pregnant by him, and then got him to propose. She hooked him completely. People like them deserve each other and my friend has moved on and luckily doesn’t have to deal with any of this anymore. She is the classic definition of a HOMEWRECKER and did it with intent and purpose.

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